9 reasons to work with me

  • ‘Trust Teresa’ my clients say.  I’ve spent 23 years building my specialist knowledge, skills and reputation and that shows in everything I do.
  • The commitment before, during and after the training. I work with you, collaborating for the long term.  You get more than just a training course.  My prices include pre-course work, the course and follow up individual 1-2-1 coaching and feedback and still work out cheaper than a standalone course from other providers.   Before the course, we get to the root of the problem to be solved and agree how to work with 70:20:10 principles to embed the learning and put it into practice.
  • No bullsh*t, guaranteed.  Straight forward, plain English in action.
  • My credibility and experience.  In recent years I’ve worked with an interesting variety of clients including fire and emergency services, Councils, the NHS and Housing Associations.  It’s really made a difference to their organisations which is why they ask me back year after year.  See the testimonials and case studies.
  • For Report writing, what I do goes far beyond any currently available book or training course on the topic.  I’ve read, critiqued and shown people how to improve so many hundreds of ‘real’ reports over the years that my knowledge is practical, focused and as one happy client said, ‘priceless’.
  • The personal touch.  You know who is going to be doing the training. Me.
  • We share values.  I hand-pick my clients because of the good fit of values and knowing I can make a difference.
  • My approach works.  Improved performance guaranteed if you follow the processes and use skills you learn.
  • Brilliant courses.  Not only do I have the specialist knowledge you need but I have excellent training and facilitation skills backed up by qualifications such as CIPD, ILM, CELTA and TAP ™ Delivery skills

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