“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.”

Lawrence Clark Powell (from Richard Branson’s top 10 quotes on communication)

Hello, I’m Teresa Cook, your go-to person for training in writing reports, proposals, business cases, policies and procedures and minutes of meetings.

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Report writing at any level is not easy. It’s not something you’re taught at school and it’s hard to just pick up from others around you.  It takes time, practice and knowledge to perfect the skill.  But it’s worth mastering your skills to be able to write a report that is effective.  To prompt people to do something for example, you first have to get them to read it, understand it, accept it and be motivated to act on it and only a good report can do that.  The key is writing in a way that looks appealing, is easy to understand and at the same time engaging, is unbiased and credible and has a clear call to action.  (Forsyth 2006).

So if you or your colleagues are staring blankly at a computer screen wondering what to write or getting frustrated with reports being rejected or neglected or given the dreaded ‘red pen’ and trying to figure out where things are going wrong, book on one of my courses.  If you’re not sure what you need, you can send me a copy of something you’ve written and I’ll give you my feedback, free and no obligation.

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Good writing is also part of your corporate brand.

Get it wrong and people don’t engage with what you’re trying to say.

Get it right and see the results.

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Books and internet resources about report writing

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